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We provide service in all cemeteries wherever needed, delivering and installing memorials as required by each cemetery.  All memorials are custom designed for the customer, with thousands of designs available to make your memorial special.  We specialize in providing service for out of town customers because we feel that every family's decisions should be important whether they live in town or out of state.  Please view our PERPETUAL GUARANTEE.
A community company
When you come to Lang Monument, you are dealing with a member of our community and our family. We give back to our community. We offer service and sensitivity to our customers and community involvement. We're not part of a national conglomerate working for corporate profitability, we're proud to be independent.
Keeping memories alive

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Memorialization is the time honored tradition of remembering and paying tribute to a loved one. The most important aspect of memorialization is personalization. A memorial is a permanent fixture that leaves a lasting memory behind. Creating a design that tells a story of the life of your loved one is very important. We can help you decide on the important factors such as size, color, cost and the best type of memorial suitable for your cemetery requirements.

Allowing significant time to mourn before making a rational decision to purchase a memorial avoids being taken advantage of during your time of need. How to spend your money is your decision. Are you getting what you paid for? Dealing with a monument company that specializes in memorials rather than a cemetery or funeral home gives you the best value for your money as well as the professional knowledge and expertise of a monument dealer.